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Unit 1

In this unit students explore the spiritual origins of religion and understand its role in the development of society, identifying the nature and purpose of religion over time. They investigate religion, including the totality of phenomena to which the term ‘religion’ refers, and acknowledge religion’s contribution to the development of human society. They also focus on the role of spiritualities, religious traditions and religious denominations in shaping personal and group identity over time. Students examine how individuals, groups and new ideas have affected and continue to affect spiritualities, religious traditions and religious denominations. The unit provides an opportunity for students to understand the often complex relationships that exist between individuals, groups, new ideas, truth narratives, spiritualities and religious traditions broadly and in the Australian society in which they live.

Areas of Study 1.1 and 1.2

Areas of Study 1.3

Religious Freedom (As a way of exploring Vatican II and the contemporary Church):

Confession (As a way of exploring Catholic life pre-Vatican II).

Closing the Gap – Aboriginal people:


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