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Unit 4

This unit focuses on the interaction over time of religious traditions and religious denominations and the societies of which they are a part. For a large part of human history religion has been drawn on as a truth narrative, offering a means for finding answers to the big questions of life. Religious traditions and religious denominations are in a dynamic process of engagement and negotiation with members individually and collectively, as well as with other key institutions in wider society associated with power, authority and credibility. Religious traditions and religious denominations are living institutions that interact with society and can likewise be influenced by society. They can stimulate and support society, acting as levers for change themselves and embracing or resisting forces for change within society.


What is Catholic Social Teaching

History of early Christianity

The Crusades - Pilgrimage or Holy War?

Islam, the Quran, and the Five Pillarsof early Christianity

The Renaissance: Was it a Thing?

4.1 & 4.2

Unit 4 Comparison of Challenges

Unit 4 Introduction

Unit 4: Focus on Challenges

4.2 Form for Challenge to a Religion

4.1 Form for Challenge to a Religion

4.1 & 4.2 2017 Study Design

Challenges to a Religion involving Social Structure

4.1 Challenge to Christianity

Challenge of Covid to Christian Churches

Challenge of Covid to Judaism

Women in Judaism

Women in Islam

Women in Christianity

Islamic Perspective of Women Throughout Time

Science and Religion

Challenge to Religion: Galileo

Challenge to Religion: The Enlightenment

Challenges to Islam

Challenge to a Religion: Darwin

Challenge to a Religion: Luther

Challenge to a Religion: Human Traficking

Challenge to a Religion: Arianism

Challenge to a Religion: Decree on Religious Freedom

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